$SPY Tests Previous ATH’s

How obvious are these vaccine headlines beginning to be? Started with 90% from $PFE, then came 94% from $MRNA – what’s next 99% from $AZN in next week’s “breaking news”? The game is good, isn’t it? You either fall victim to their rules or make your own; the choice is yours.

$SPY slid down to its previous ATH’s, cracking through its PM lows in this morning’s session. Currently, the ETF finds itself back above PM lows, battling its way back up north to PM highs.

China finds its way back in the headlines as Washington urges Biden to begin smoothing out tensions, previously sparked by the Trump administration. It still remains to be seen what level of negotiator the old man is; he’ll definitely have his hands full with the boys down south. Smoothing that relationship out, will certainly put serious capital to work in the U.S. markets.

You already know, we can careless either way – we trade the flow.

Sectors are trading blood red across the board today. IT sits at the top for the bears, trading down -0.05%. Utilities are taking a -1.09% hit in the midday session.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$TSLA trading up over 8%
$TUP trading up over 8%
$RIDE trading up over 6%
$SQ trading up over 5%
$EW trading up over 3%
$MRNA trading down over 5%
$CVS trading down over 7%
$WBA trading down over 9%
$BSX trading down over 10%
$GDRX trading down over 18%


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