$SPY Testing Pre-Market Highs

The boys scooped up a few shares from yesterday’s $SPY lows, before reversing back to the close in today’s morning session. The ETF is testing yesterday’s close and is looking to make a run at its PM highs.

Currently, we’re seeing a bit of chop midday throughout the sectors, with exception of a few, to both the upside and downside. The one thing about the markets, when the boys are done with a security, they’re done and then the cliff-diving begins.

$TSM is experiencing a bit of that in today’s session. The flavor of the past couple day’s, are seeing what the backside feels like. They’ve erased yesterday’s gains and are currently going after Friday’s as well.

You see it time and time again; rinse and repeat. It’s actually a daily occurrence in penny stock land, but we don’t mess with the herd.

The latest stimulus plan was brought to light yesterday, as Republicans pushed another round of $1200 +$500 per dependent for all Americans; it also extends unemployment benefits. That all sounds nice, but you better believe there is much more than what’s being reported. The ‘juice’ is being hidden deep in the pages of the plan; without a doubt. If the plan goes through, we should definitely see some of that money deposited into the markets from the RH traders – gotta love’em.

Sectors are trading in a 7/4 bear split with Utilities and RE going head-to-head for the top bull spot. Materials and Energy are holding the two bottom positions for the bears in the midday session.

Our top 7 Smart Money Movers are:

$PII trading up over 9%
$WYNN trading up over 5%
$CRWD trading up over 4%
$SPG trading up over 3%
$MMM trading down over 4%
$OMC trading down over 5%
$FFIV trading down over 9%


$SPY Double Dipping

After the boys pulled off the selloff into Tuesday’s close, then erased “losses” during yesterday’s session, they brought $SPY back down to

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