$SPY Stuffed At PM Highs

$SPY has been stuck at its PM highs all session. With the ETF struggling to breakout and continue with the last 2 day bull-run, we’re seeing a shift to kick off the first trading day of July.

With 315 overhead, let’s see how the boys handle this one.

With the ETF losing the battle at its PM high level, we’re seeing most of the market getting chopped up this morning. Recent runners are giving gains back in a hurry and some of the days gap-ups, are on track to fill them them back up.

Sectors are trading in a 7/4 bull split with Communication Services leading the way, trading up +1.32%. Energy has found itself at the bottom of the list (a usual position), trading down -1.43%

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$AKRO trading up over 27%
$FDX trading up over 14%
$ZGNX trading up over 9%
$STZ trading up over 7%
$CRSP trading up over 9%
$SQ trading up over 6%
$AMGN trading up over 5%
$SHOP trading up over 5%
$XLNX trading down over 4%
$IAC trading down over 67%


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