$SPY Stuck in the Middle

After gapping up in the PM session, $SPY finds itself stuck between its highs and lows in midday trading. The ETF gave back all early gains and was on track to fill its gap from yesterday’s close before bouncing. Currently, the ETF is battling VWAP; as market participants await Stimulus news.

We couldn’t imagine trading around headlines, but unfortunately, many do. The market has been a bit ‘sketchy’ since this Stimulus back and forth began. Now, add a little known election to the mix and you have an emotional group of mouse clickers.

The so called ‘deadline’ is today and the market sits idle waiting for either confirmation or more stalling. It’s just the carrot dangling in front of participants faces – those that fall for their clear ulterior motive b.s., that is.

Let the dust and then hop on board, it’s a much more controlled environment to base decisions from. Levels.

Sectors are trading bull strong across the board in today’s session (yes, even Energy!) Actually, Energy sits at the top of the sector list in the midday session, trading up +1.09%. While Communication Services trades at the bottom for the bulls, up +0.02%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$LOGI trading up over 18%
$CSIQ trading up over 11%
$NOVA trading up over 6%
$WYNN trading up over 3%
$CVNA trading down over 4%
$PXD trading down over 4%
$WKHS trading down over 5%
$NVAX trading down over 4%
$IBM trading down over 6%
$HYLN trading down over 8%


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