$SPY Sitting Flat Midday

Although $SPY is trading above its previous ATH’s, the ETF has been a bit lackluster in the past few sessions; even though we’ve been seeing “breaking news” type headlines lately.

These vaccine headlines continue pouring in, which of course heavily influences those ‘news’ traders in the market; they’re straight puppets, in our opinion – jumping at every headline.

Thing is, the S&P 500 could careless what’s happening on Main Street; it’s breaking records, with the best November since the 1920s. But of course, that makes plenty of sense…doesn’t it?

Today’s latest, $PFE and $BNTX have now “moved on up” to 95% effectiveness against COVID-19. But why stop at 95%, let’s just make it an even 100% – it has a better ring to it; don’t ya think? But wait, what happened to $MRNA? Didn’t they unveil their “94%” effective vaccine a couple days ago? Since their “big news” the stock is trading down 12%.

We love this entertainment.

Sectors are trading in a 7/4 bull split with Energy sitting at the top, trading up +1.05%. Health Care wraps up the bottom for the bears, trading down -0.64%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$KOD trading up over 22%
$RIDE trading up over 16%
$PLAY trading up over 7%
$GRWD trading up over 6%
$FANG trading up over 5%
$MRNA trading down over 3%
$NCLH trading down over 4%
$CIEN trading down over 4%
$LOW trading down over 6%
$GDRX trading down over 6%


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