$SPY Rejects Hard At Resistance

$SPY ran right into mid Junes resistance and got stuffed out just shy of 6c off highs; levels. The boys ran the ETF into an obvious supply and now it’s fighting not to fill the PM gap. At this rate, PM lows are just around the corner.

Today, is technically Friday, as the markets are closed tomorrow, so keep that in mind when the boys continue trying to do what they do.

$TSLA bears woke up this morning wishing what they were seeing on their screens was just a bad nightmare. Elon’s company was up over 100 points at it’s highest level of the day. Currently, the stock is up “just” 82 points, but fading.
Have to give it to the guy – against all odds and an army of haters, he’s managed to shut them all up! “It’s way over bought”, is a bears last words! Musk is laughing all the way to the bank.

Sectors are trading in a 10/1 bull split in today’s session. Materials are leading the bulls, trading up +1.61%. RE are the lone bear of the sectors today (so far), trading down -0.19% in the midday session.

It’s time to disconnect from the screens and enjoy the holiday weekend. Enjoy.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$CAR trading up over 18%
$SHLL trading up over 12%
$TSLA trading up over 6%
$AKAM trading up over 6%
$TTD trading up over 5%
$IAC trading up over 5%
$DOCU trading up over 5%
$SPOT trading up over 3%
$SHOP trading up over 3%
$SPR trading up over 3%


$SPY Double Dipping

After the boys pulled off the selloff into Tuesday’s close, then erased “losses” during yesterday’s session, they brought $SPY back down to

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