$SPY Prints New Highs

The Street looks to be ‘all in’ with the vaccine. $SPY started today’s session gapping up over its previous ATH’s in PM trading, then tested its PM lows after the bell. The ETF held lows, ripped back through VWAP and through its ATH’s printed back on the 9th.

Across the board, sectors are feeling the love. The way the market looks today, the economy is opening back up tomorrow!

Hold on there tiger – let’s not forget the elephant in the room.

That said, bulls are in control of the market, so there’s no need to fight what’s being printed. Despite your opinion, the boys are putting capital to work. Buy when there’s blood in the streets; they say – it’s been bleeding for quite some time. But has it stopped? That’s the question.

You already know – we can careless; we trade the flow.

On another note: Bitcoin is on track to test its ATH’s from back in 2017. Crypto is back on a rampage. We don’t follow crypto at all, but threw some paper at it a few years back – like a lotto ticket. Let’s see…

Sectors are trading bull strong across the board with Energy leading the pack trading up +4.77%. Health Care sits at the bottom, trading up +0.71%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$SBE trading up over 16%
$AMBA trading up over 12%
$DLTR trading up over 10%
$PLAN trading up over 9%
$TSLA trading up over 4%
$VSTO trading down over 5%
$BBY trading down over 6%
$APPS trading down over 7%
$ARWR trading down over 12%
$FLGT trading down over 13%


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