$SPY Printing Higher Highs

$SPY is taking market participants for a bull-ride in today’s session. After a couple rough selloffs into multiple closes, the ETF is flexing in today’s session.

Currently, $SPY is testing yesterday’s highs and is playing the game around the key level. The boys on the Street, doing what the boys do ahead of the 2:30 FED conference.

It should be entertaining to see how Powell dances around his message; these guys should win awards for their impeccable avoidance of information.

Earnings continue to bring some solid plays to both the upside and downside. $AMD had solid numbers and guidance, however the stock has been playing that game since the opening bell. The reversal off PM lows looked good; currently testing PM highs.

$AAN is also getting some love from the boys on the Street. The stock is up over 20%.

Sectors are trading bull strong across the board. IT is leading the path fo the bulls, trading up +1.08%. While Utilities and Energy are holding the 2 bottom spots; but green nonetheless.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$AAN trading up over 20%
$PENN trading up over 14%
$CHRW trading up over 12%
$AMD trading up over 13%
$SHOP trading up over 11%
$CZR trading up over 7%
$CRWD trading up over 5%
$SPOT trading down over 2%
$BA trading down over 4%
$ADP trading down over 6%


$SPY Double Dipping

After the boys pulled off the selloff into Tuesday’s close, then erased “losses” during yesterday’s session, they brought $SPY back down to

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