$SPY Hugs New All-Time Highs

New $SPY ATH’s on a daily basis, is most definitely not a sustainable market. Today’s session, the ETF us stuck between yesterday’s highs /new ATH’s and this morning’s PM highs. Basically, the boys on the Street are playing with market participants around these keys levels. Remain isolated and completely ignore their games.

On the COVID front, have you sat back to think about the amount of Benjamins these vaccine companies have been pulling in from this global pandemic? Do you think for one second that mandatory regulations aren’t playing into these companies bottom-line? Pockets are getting stuffed – and not just those associated with the companies themselves. It’s astonishing when you think about what’s driving prices.

10.5M shares – that’s the amount that Sir Richard Branson has unloaded since the $SPCE space launch. You think they need cash? Doesn’t take a “rocket” scientist to know why $SPCE is down nearly 58% off its pre-launch highs. DBD.

Nasdaq 100 QQQ +0.17%
S&P 500 SPY +0.08%
Russell 2000 IWM -0.53%
DJIA DIA +0.11%
S&P MidCap 400 IJH -0.11%

Consumer Staples +0.66%
Utilities +0.46%
Real Estate +0.43%
Health Care +0.42%
Communication Services +0.35%
Information Technology +0.22%
Materials +0.12%
Industrials -0.03%
Consumer Discretionary -0.37%
Energy -0.62%
Financials -0.72%


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