$SPY Goes Green To Red

The Tech sector has been keeping the market pushing higher since this V-Shape recovery has begun. Yesterday after-hours trading further solidified that reality as both $AMZN and $AAPL crushed earnings, pushing the market higher.

The “celebration” continued into today’s PM trading, as $SPY gapped up after yesterday’s reversal. The ‘bull-party’ was short lived, as the ETF dumped at the bell; erasing it’s PM gains. The ETF printed a DBD and has since found temporary support, but is looking like it wants to test lows once again before we ring the end of the July trading bell.

Can anyone say bubble?

Whether we make it out of summer with this bull-run or bears take over the summer session, either way, 2020 will go down in the books.

You already know how we feel about it all; it’s all b.s. We don’t concern ourselves with the outside noise, because that’s all it is. At the very least, it’s entertaining watching these market clowns try to manipulate the masses.

August – let’s go!

Sectors are trading in a 8/3 bear split with Consumer Discretionary, IT, and Communication Services being the 3-lone bulls of the midday bunch. Energy is taking a deep hit today, currently down -2.27%

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$FB trading up over 8%
$TWOU trading up over 8%
$AAPL trading up over 6%
$AMZN trading up over 4%
$ROKU trading up over 2%
$GOOG trading down over 4%
$EXPE trading down over 8%
$SHAK trading down over 11%
$HRC trading down over 14%
$XPO trading down over 15%


$SPY Double Dipping

After the boys pulled off the selloff into Tuesday’s close, then erased “losses” during yesterday’s session, they brought $SPY back down to

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