$SPY Fading Fast Midday

The final 2-days of last week’s session, was a bit of a bloodbath in the markets. $SPY sold off nearly 8-points into the weekend, erasing all of the week’s gains. The boys on the Street pushed the ETF up during this morning’s PM trading session, but we’re currently watching things quickly fade into the midday hours.

$SPY PM lows just got taken out and if this aggressive selling continues, the 319 level may get tested once again.

The weekend was chalk full of headlines that we won’t bore you with, just know influence is on the top of the priority list; don’t fall for the b.s.

It’s only Monday, let the weekend headlines settle down and trend will show its head; patience is always the name of the game.

Sectors are trading in a 8/3 bull split with Materials and IT trading 1-2 for the bulls, while Utilities and Financials are battling the bottom for the bears.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$MRNA trading up over 7%
$WPM trading up over 5%
$KL trading up over 4%
$PAAS trading up over 4%
$NEM trading up over 3%
$XLNX trading up over 3%
$TSLA trading up over 1%
$AEP trading down over 6%
$HAS trading down over 7%
$CZR trading down over 10%


$SPY Double Dipping

After the boys pulled off the selloff into Tuesday’s close, then erased “losses” during yesterday’s session, they brought $SPY back down to

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