$SPY Drops Late Morning

Levels. Levels. Levels. – There is a reason why pivots act like magnets. The boys played that $SPY game clean and finally brought the ETF down to its zone.

Currently, the ETF is down shy of a half a point, testing a key level.

Rinse and repeat.

There were plenty of low hanging continuations to choose from and solid gaps to extract to the downside. Levels act as magnets – stay in the saddle and the zones will be visited once again.

Whatever way you lean in the U.S. presidential race, the markets are going to have a field day heading into the end of the year. Day in, day out, we continue to see a plethora of emotions flooding the markets; understand this is occurring and exploit that reality.

Trade smarter.

Sectors are trading in a 6/5 bull split with Energy sitting at the top, trading up +1.36%. IT takes the hardest hit for the bears, trading down -1.02%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$ALGN trading up over 32%
$REPL trading up over 8%
$DFS trading up over 6%
$CSX trading up over 4%
$WYNN trading up over 3%
$PYPL trading down over 4%
$KMB trading down over 4%
$BYND trading down over 5%
$UNP trading down over 5%
$ENPH trading down over 5%


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