$SPY Chops The Midday Session

After a slight gap-up in $SPY during the PM session, the ETF has been chopping up market participants all morning. Currently, price keeps lingering above its PM lows, testing its intra-day highs.

Last weeks sell-off has left the market uneasy, as the battle continues between the bulls and the bears.

We haven’t seen any decisive action this week, which confirms the behavioral change the market has been experiencing. Whether that sentiment continues into the election, which is less than 2 months away, remains to be seen. Either way, it may be in your best interest to enjoy the singles throughout this period; they add up.

Trump shuts down TikTok’s request for a deadline extension to sell its U.S. operations. Nothing like some good ol’ strong arm tactics.

$NKLA continues to find itself in the headlines as many skeptics question its business practices. The company’s CEO, is looking to go head-to-head with anyone eager and willing to do so. Don’t know about you, but something smells fishy…

Just more market b.s. for unsuspecting participants to get caught up in.

Sectors are trading in a 10/1 bull strong split with Materials leading the bulls in the midday session, trading up +1.64%. While Utilities find themselves sitting all alone in the red zone, trading down -0.07%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$DPHC trading up over 10%
$NKE trading up over 3%
$HOLX trading up over 3%
$ETSY trading up over 3%
$ORCL trading up over 3%
$BYND trading down over 3%
$OSTK trading down over 5%
$VRM trading down over 5%
$CHWY trading down over 7%
$ITCI trading down over 8%


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