Shaky Market Ahead of Stimulus News

The market is looking at another red day, as it waits news on whether the two parties will agree on this edited version of the Stimulus bill or is it back to the drawing board – one more time.

Pure politics are being played, while Americans struggle to pay bills – it’s business as usual in Washington.

$SPY has dropped below its PM lows and has just about filled its Monday gap. The ETF is bouncing off Friday’s close, but how long will this last?

A pullback or a behavioral shift on uncertainty; both sides of that argument are legit. We love the emotional selling today though – emotional traders are highly predictable.

Sectors are trading in a 8/3 bear split with Energy running the show – yes, Energy – trading up +2.08%. Consumer Discretionary is wrapping up the bottom for the bears, trading down -1.63%.

Our top 10 Smart Money Movers are:

$CXO trading up over 12%
$IOVA trading up over 6%
$GRUB trading up over 6%
$TSLA trading up over 2%
$CRSP trading up over 2%
$ZM trading down over 3%
$CRWD trading down over 4%
$DKNG trading down over 4%
$NVTA trading down over 6%
$CELH trading down over 6%


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