October 21st Trade Ideas

The market started strong yesterday, but that changed late in the afternoon session as $SPY sold-off into the close off skeptical Stimulus news. The play on words is beyond comical; don’t fall for their b.s.!

Currently, we’re looking at 7 securities in today’s PM session; however, this will get narrowed down as we get closer to the bell.

Sectors: Consumer Staples, Tech

As always- if this, then that.

Keep it simple.

Members, check the Video Library for our detailed plan.


Doing Your Own Thing

The title of this piece is simply another way of saying ‘self-sufficiency’. Following others has never led to success in any endeavor and trading is

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$SPY Prints New Highs

The Street looks to be ‘all in’ with the vaccine. $SPY started today’s session gapping up over its previous ATH’s in PM trading, then tested its PM

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