October 15th Trade Ideas

The market is bleeding. All weekly $SPY gains have been erased as of yesterday’s session and now the ETF continues to bleed out in the early hours of PM trading.

The doom and gloom headlines are everywhere this morning – just cut out the noise and trade your plan. Stick to your process!

Currently, we’re looking at 8 securities in today’s PM session; however, this will get narrowed down as we get closer to the bell.

Sectors: Health Care, Tech

As always- if this, then that.

Keep it simple.

Members, check the Video Library for our detailed plan.


Doing Your Own Thing

The title of this piece is simply another way of saying ‘self-sufficiency’. Following others has never led to success in any endeavor and trading is

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$SPY Prints New Highs

The Street looks to be ‘all in’ with the vaccine. $SPY started today’s session gapping up over its previous ATH’s in PM trading, then tested its PM

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