August 13th Trade Ideas

The constant $SPY ATH’s getting taken out almost on a daily basis, is something to take serious note of. Sustainability is most certainly in question. How long can

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August 12th Trade Ideas

$SPY prints more ATH’s in today’s PM session as the market continues to brush off any negative COVID news. The ETF printed a solid reversal in yesterday’s

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August 11th Trade Ideas

More $SPY ATH’s printed during yesterday’s session – shocker. That said, the recent moves are lacking any significant follow-through; so you may be faced with

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August 10th Trade Ideas

One channel to the next. $SPY finally broke out of a multi-week channel during last weeks session and it looks like it is building another one. The past couple

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August 6th Trade Ideas

The boys have done it again. $SPY ATH’s have been breeched once again in today’s PM session. Yesterday’s trading, they took the ETF up to highs at the

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August 5th Trade Ideas

$SPY held Tuesday’s gains in yesterday’s session and is currently trading up just shy of a point in today’s pre-market. That said, we are still stuck in the multi-week

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