Building Off Results

Results could mean different things to different people. Depending on where one is on their journey, the smallest of results could build a mountain of psychological

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Where Is Your Focus?

It’s gets harder and harder everyday to keep your focus on the task at hand – despite what that task may be. When it comes to our business as traders,

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Winning The Wrong Way

We already know what you’re saying, “isn’t winning, winning?” Theoretically, yes, it is. However, there’s something called ‘habits’ and forming bad habits could

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Avoiding Market Traps

Wait. This four-letter word is so simple, yet so unbelievably useful when it comes to avoiding falling victim to the many market traps unfolding every single

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Doing Your Own Thing

The title of this piece is simply another way of saying ‘self-sufficiency’. Following others has never led to success in any endeavor and trading is

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