Our Vision

We’re here to bring clarity to your trading.

You can easily learn the basics of trading anywhere, but successful trading is far beyond that. Building a proper psychological mindset approach to trading, is what we focus on.

The stock market is a very tough and ruthless arena to navigate as an uneducated trader. The Street Trading is here to build your knowledge about the market and how it truly operates. 

There’s a lot more to being a successful trader than just knowing a few set-ups on a chart. The actual process of trading is the easy part, the mental aspect is what many struggle with. Beginning traders must focus on building their mental strength just as much, if not more, than understanding supply and demand.

Remaining objective, while controlling your emotions to make clear and precise trading decisions, is what we’ve designed our Mentorship Program and Trading Course to achieve.  We personally coach our students to master the psychology of trading to ultimately become a self-sufficient trader.  

Self-sufficiency should be the end goal as a trader. The process in which self-sufficiency is achieved, comes from deep market knowledge and an intuitive strategy. 

Just like any new venture, success takes time. If you want it bad enough and willing to put in the work, you’ll get there. 

Perhaps you’ve had some experience, but find yourself unprofitable. Insanity by definition, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

A heart surgeon doesn’t go into surgery after just watching a few educational videos. A professional athlete doesn’t show up to compete after only one day of training.

To be successful at anything you do, you must take the time to build deep knowledge of your craft. Don’t expect to just ‘show up’ and succeed in this business; you get out what you put in.

The Street Trading is precisely designed to build deep knowledge about the market so you can become a successfully self-sufficient trader and finally Trade With Clarity.

Trust The Process

Our story

The Street Trading is built by career traders from New York that understand what it takes to become consistently profitable in the market.

We began trading the market; on the retail side, in 2011. Since our journey began, we’ve honed our skills and built our edge in the market by developing a systematic trading process.

Like most successful traders, our journey wasn’t easy. Through relentless perseverance and hard work, we’ve succeeded in this business by finding what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. 

Why do we do this? Why have we built The Street Trading? There are a number of reasons: multiple revenue streams, being able to positively contribute to our industry, but more importantly, we simply love it; and that is what life is all about – doing things we love.

Now, we’re Paying It Forward; we’re sharing our years of experience and knowledge with those wanting to truly learn this business.

That said, there are no shortcuts, we’re not here to sell you some ‘pipe dream’, it takes discipline to succeed in this business. We’re not building ‘alert chasers’ here, we don’t want you to just blindly follow our trades. The Street Trading is designed to build self-sufficient traders. You won’t see any flashy cars, private jets, or exotic locations anywhere on this site; that’s weak marketing. We’re real traders, with real lives, successfully trading the market each and everyday.

We've developed The Street Trading to cut through the b.s. that's flooded our industry.

Our Mentoring Program, along with our Comprehensive 90-Day Trading Course with Lifetime Membership, is designed to bring clarity to your trading business. Understanding that the market is an orchestration of moves through the flow of Smart Money, will bring you the focus needed to succeed.

We’re here to show our members first hand, how to successfully navigate the market and avoid the typical pitfalls that so many retail traders face. From the modules to the simulator to the video lessons to the 1-on-1-coaching; we walk members through the process, step-by-step.

The Street Trading teaches a rules-based, results driven process that aligns traders with Institutional Investors. Through this systematic process, we teach our students how to confidently buy and sell at key levels where Smart Money operate.

If you’re serious about building a successful trading career, The Street Trading Membership is here to show you how it’s done.

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